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Can a Paraphrasing Essay Example Help You?

paraphrasing example in essay 2017Essay rewriting is something that most students and even experienced writers find hard to undertake. Being able to rewrite something so that it is totally unique is not an easy task and most find that even with their best efforts they still replicate many of the original phrases. This can lead to being accused of plagiarism or copying if you then use the copy that you have created.

An essay rewriting sample is one way that you can better understand how you can rephrase an essay effectively without having a problem with plagiarism. While many students do try to get away with plagiarism in their writing it is getting much easier for tutors to spot it quickly with software that is freely available to them. This is why you will want to use as much help as you can to make sure that your writing is unique.

Our essay paraphrasing sample is one way that you can improve your rewriting skills along with our professional advice. Our services and our website have been providing support to writers for several years through experts that have many years of experience with paraphrasing.

How Can an Essay Rewriting Sample Help You?

Knowing how to rewrite a single sentence, paragraph, or even a whole paper does not have to be difficult if you approach the task in the right way. Looking at a paraphrasing example in essay writing is one way to better understand how you need to do your own rewriting. By viewing an example of paraphrasing in essay writing you will be able to see just how different the structure and wording need to be if you are going to avoid any charges of plagiarism.

However, if you look online for a rewritten version of a well-known piece of writing you may find a paraphrased version already done. Using a Purdue Owl paraphrasing sample essay or any of the many others that are out there and passing it off as your own is also plagiarism, even if you are copying a copy. Your copy must be totally unique to you and you cannot simply copy samples that you find online. An essay rewriting sample can only be used for guidance and not simply copied and presented as your own work.

Tips to Rewrite an Essay Effectively

essay rewriting sample onlineWhile looking at a paraphrasing example in MLA essay may provide you with a great idea as to how your finished essay should look, it does not always let you know how to actually achieve it. Our paraphrasing experts, however, are able to provide you with a huge amount of advice and help rewriting a sentence so that it will be unique to you.

You should never approach paraphrasing as a task in which you are seeking to simply swap words around. It is not a mechanical task that can be done through a method of substituting synonyms. Paraphrasing is about being able to understand what has been written and this is often the reason why a tutor will task you with rewriting an essay; so that you can demonstrate that you have understood it fully.

So the steps that you should follow to achieve your unique and well-written essay are as follows:

  • Understand why you are doing the rewriting and who your intended audience will be. How you will rewrite will be very different if you are seeking to simplify something for a younger less experienced audience than simply rewriting something so that it is unique.
  • Read the source essay several times until you are confident that you fully understand all of the points that are raised within the writing.
  • Make a series of notes on each of the points that are raised using your own unique phrasing and words; do not simply highlight or copy phrases from the original.
  • Organize your notes so that they are in a logical order for a rewritten essay; your paraphrase does not have to follow the exact same structure of the original and often you will find a more appropriate structure for your writing.
  • Rewrite the text using only the notes that you have taken and do not refer back to the original essay in any way.
  • Compare the new essay to the original to see if you have copied any of the original writing and take steps to modify those areas where you have.
  • Proofread the results very carefully to ensure that you have not left any errors within your writing that could seriously impact your grades.

As Western Washington University tells us:

Researchers in universities -students and teachers, especially- can only do their work in the atmosphere in which ideas are freely exchanged and the evaluation of intellectual effort is not clouded by suspicions about where it came from. Just as students have some claim to the right to be told the truth in the classroom by teachers who know what they are talking about, teachers have a right to assume that work submitted under a student’s name is indeed the product of the student’s honest effort.

We Can Help with Your Essay Rewriting

example of paraphrasing in essay 2017If you are not sure if you can match the quality of writing within our essay rewriting sample then you may want to use our professional services to get the support that you need. We offer a full range of paraphrasing and rewriting services that are delivered through staff that hold PhD or Masters degrees in the areas in which they are tasked to work. Each has excellent native English writing skills and knows precisely how you need to avoid plagiarism.

The support that they provide is of a very high standard and always going to be unique to you. Our services provide you with a plagiarism report to confirm that writing is unique and also provides for free proofreading so that there are no issues with the rewriting produced. All of our services come with a money back satisfaction guarantee and will always be delivered to you on time.

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